cynthesizer (2:21:09 PM): gross.
linuxKILLa (2:21:19 PM): what
cynthesizer (2:21:28 PM): the iraq resolution just passed like two minutes ago.
linuxKILLa (2:21:38 PM): goddamnit
cynthesizer (2:22:08 PM): I know.
linuxKILLa (2:22:16 PM): what exactly does that mean
cynthesizer (2:22:50 PM): it basically means that congress is showing solidarity with the president and gives him war powers. it hasn't passed the senate yet though.
Check it out here....

hehe.. I started a new website again.. ;) it is called http://www.3gscreensaver.com. Hopefully it will rule. I keep getting flamed though ;)..