I am listening the refused. I enjoy them quite a bit. I have a new project going. Well I have a couple. I have mentioned both of them on here before. The first is riottech, my little concert listing. I rule. hehe. the second is the <a href=“http://a500hacking.com/3gscreensaver.com. The phone sites are a lot more interesting.. but riottech is more fun. The phone site is a great experiement in community digital rigths management. I am trying to create a site that allows the community to decide what is appropriate or not. the key in this situation is to not get sued ;) - it isn’t working that well :( - alas I will concede with all demands.. and I am attempting to attain BMI, ASCAP, etc etc. it is maddening.

HEy I put up a links section that are different websites of some of my friends and interesting people I have found on the internet.. check it now !!!!