So hiromi and I went to dinner at this really great place called irazu. It was nice. I enjoyed it. afterwards we went to a nice coffee shop and got some coffee.. I planned for this -cuz I brought my laptop… so I could get some work done. I also brought my vision connection kit so I could use my cell phone as a modem and rule!!! however.. I couldn’t get the bastard to work. So while I was bathing in frustration - I noticed that my wifi tray icon was active. I was like wtf. so I clicked on it.. and what do you know.. the lovely linksys default SSID. wheee.. so I of course connected to it. and low and behold I got a fair connection to some persons broadband. I imagine I will be coming here more often. Rule ;)

the weird thing.. is that I don’t believe that I am really on the internet. I had to message all my friends oand such to make sure I wasn’t imagining free broadband.. hehe. well I am off.. ELECTROCLASH SUCKA