I was listening to smoe john zorn minding my own business when outta no where Silent Lucidity by Queensryche comes on. this was a song that was played at a friend of mines funeral in high school. He died of alcohol posioning.. in some nieghbors lawn. It was really fuxored up. However, the song was incredible sad and appropriate.. and it spawned a nice conversation with a friend about artists and songs that can spark so much emotion it is often hard to understand.. here is a partial list: The Smiths, portishead, built to spill, Massive Attack, tricky, modestmouse, Cat Power, tori amos, pedro the lion, ani difranco, belle and sebastion, ministry, skinny puppy, new order, cure, david bowie, metallica and I am sure there are many others. It is interesting.. I think a lot of people have this.. well right.. heh..

This weekend ended well. I hung out with some cool cats.. and chilled a bunch yesterday. I ended up sleeping a lot which is/was nice. here is a nifty link detailing how difficult bush’s job is. To bad that dolt created the problems he is now facing. stupid isolationist forign policy. whatever.