I have always thought that a military action in Iraq without the support of the UN could result in igniting a much larger and more violent conflict. The fact that the middle east is a powder keg waiting to explode and the fact that numerous other geopolitical situations are walking a very thin line leads me to conclude now is not the time for an international conflict - especially one where the only support we have is from Great Britian. Seriously.. wtf good is Great Britian, they couldn’t win a war if it was.. well I really don’t know. but I know they are dumb. haha. So anyway, I started this post to alert yall of this article. Apparently Walter Cronkite agrees with me. Which is scary when you take in to consideration all of the years he has spent covering foriegn policy, and world news. He probably has a pretty good feel for the world climate. We may be in trouble.
in other happier news, japan and N. Korea’s diplomatic talks stall because of all the craziness that is going down with N. Korea kidnapping people and having nukes.. Bush’s popularity is falling.. and so is U.S. consumer confidance.. and in a strange turn of events.. the US of Europe is in the works… oh.. and I almost forgot: the US is making secret new weapons to fight WW3 with. RULE!

I have been a bad friend lately.. I keep missing things I want to participate in. Like a friend B-day party exactly one week ago. I wanted to go, but for soem reason it didn’t work out. and then I was sad. wtf. I should have just gone. but whatever.. or I forget to call people. and then I remember way too late.. I am a luser. heh.

Speaking of luser.. here is something interesting:
10:22pm up 20 days, 12:40, 1 user, load average: 60.95, 52.84, 40.29
10:24pm up 20 days, 12:43, 1 user, load average: 7.60, 34.78, 35.22
10:25pm up 2 min, 1 user, load average: 0.34, 0.18, 0.07

umm yea.. runaway mysql processes.. stupid php.. stupid developers.. oh.. right right