My friend Davidson Cole has made a movie called Design. It is about:

Eighteen-year-old Sonya is struggling to save her father from alcoholism after his wife leaves him. Voyeuristic photographer Nicholas is obsessed with women, yet hides behind the prying lens of his camera. Cursed factory worker Seamus and his fiance, Kate, are planning their wedding and coming to grips with the truth about each other–and themselves. The three stories intersect in one evening full of predestined encounters and bizarre circumstances.
Anyway - it is playing at the art institute this sunday(10th) at 7:30. If you are interested you should arrive at 7:00 and bring $5. It will be really good. Hopefully ;). here is a good review. If you want more info on the film check out these links.
So the GOP apparently won. Which is sad. I guess we will have to survive. But it is all so confusing. I just hope that the world will be patient with our horrible politicians. They are so bad. War mongers and all that. I think I am getting sick :(