Last night I tried to goto bed early. but I was tricked by something. I am not sure what. But something kept me up. I had a lot of weird dreams about moving from my cubicle to a strange undisclosed location and losing my headphones.. or something it was confusing.

Last night I emailed myself regarding a weblog post I was supposed to make. here it is:

  • My friend jon spent some time on the PCT and also spent some time hanging out with these lovely ladies. He is in the last picture in the blue shirt. ;)
  • I added the boobies script ot dopeman. check it out here.
  • Apparently the boobies script was made by - which is a pretty nice weblog.
  • politically I think that our country is broken. I fear what is about to occur in the “free” world. It is sad that the war machine is so comprehensive, and is so threatening to the freedom we all love so dearly. I get sad. I am not a fan of bush. I don’t think anyone is - however wtf is the deal with the GOP winning everything. jesus!
  • So last night we saw davidson’s movie. It was quite good. It is so refreshing when your friends produce really great things. I enjoy it. I am blessed with a great number of very talented friends. whee.
well that is certainly enough.