This is from a couple days ago but whatever:
A report was released by a bunch of British physicians that said that “A war against Iraq could kill half a million people, warns a new report by medical experts - and most would be civilians.”. Looks like we don’t need to worry about anything. Oh yea - A secretive federal court on Monday granted police broad authority to monitor Internet use, record keystrokes and employ other surveillance methods against terror and espionage suspects. - I guess I better watch it. ;) especially now that the chinese have missiles that can reach places of interest. But if we don’t get nuked - we can always hope for democrats to come back and the stock market to come back and play. In a weird twist.. the White House is waging a secretive war on condoms. Totally makes sense. Maybe they are preparing to woe some of our more conservative allies for help with a really poor war plan.

Oh. I am attempting seed googlism to have something for my name and nata2. Here I go:

nata2 is in the house.
nata2 is god overall
nata2 is heavenly ;)
harper reed is the ruler of all
harper reed is an angry angry old man - uhh