I thought os a addition to this weblog awhile ago.. but it has left me. I am writing it anyway.. without a clue as to where it will lead me. I think it may be about my rockstar friend jamie - or maybe about existing in this weird world of fashion - without an idea of fashion.. I really don’t know.
I have been reading a bunch of phillip k dick books. they are all very nice andthey really mess up your mind. I enjoy that.

I remember now what I was going to write about. I was going to write about being an adult. I don’t really like it. I fell asleep today at like 6 - sleeping until almost 9. It was really nice, however I was sad,cuz in college if I slept for three hours midday I would wakeup at 6 or maybe 7 andthere would be no problem. however tonight I wasted an entire night doing absolutely nothing. I guess if I had a normal sleep pattern maybe this type of thing wouldn’t happen. whatever. I wish that work ended at 3. and I wish I was able to make 3 times what I make now. that would solve most of my fictional problems. I would then be able to attain the yuppie lifestyle that I really need and want ;) someday

i get my tv tomarrow. it will be nice. I am excited. whee. I also need to get my social security card, my passport and my drivers license. this will get me my vehicle registration, my car insurance and anything else that I could possibly need. I will be twenty five in a couple months(4) - that is really strange. a quarter of a century of life in my fragile body. hehe. I am now sleepy. I need to make it so you can view individual entries, and spell chekc them (hehe) and search them. maybe later. I got too much stuff to do.