Last night we watched the first full length movie on my new TV. It was nice.. especially with my new receiver. heh. I really don’t know what to do about my old receiver.. but whatever - we watched the new Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring with all the extra footage and such. whee.. I like that movie.. I have watched it far too many times.. It was a nice gathering though.. some new friends and some old friends.. I like that the best..

This weekend was filled with juggling.. juggling.. juggling.. so much juggling.. it all started on thursday.. when we juggled for the Crunch Corp. holiday party. It was fun.. but kinda weird.. the problem was the venue.. it is always very hard to juggle in a dark club especially when you don’t quite know what the people want.. heh.. then on saturday we juggled at the Movieside Film Festival.. which was quite entertaining. we juggled there on saturday and sunday. heh. a lot of cool people were invloved and the organizer Rusty Nails was really great.

Ugh.. I just remembered that my flights for christmas were on united.. wtf am I doing flying united.. I thought I only flew american.. apparently not.. ugh. I hope this doesn’t cause problems.. I want to see my bro graduate and I don’t want to have to pay a billion dollars..

i am famous… wheee…