Soo.. I just wrote this entry and I clicked on a really fucked up link and broke it. heh. it was funny. it was also pornographic and I was also at work.. all on accident. .hehe. whoa.. I had to kill explorer.. stupid explorer. ;)

I am currently listening to tusk.. which is quite loud and angry. for some reason I am rather in to it right now.. I really wanted to listen to elliot smith.. but it didn’t work out hehe.

I want to get back into the politik fashion thing.. I think that this emo/nerd/indie rock fashion thing that is happening is boring compared to ultra-politik fashion. heh. but what would happen to my diesel then.. ;)

the past
watch TV - it is important..
It is also important to maintain your beauty
…then you can be a webcam girl
a fun game
It is interesting how the U.S. reacted to one of its leading senators being racist.. I guess I should say the lack of reaction.. but.. some feel strongly about it
nice now I will be crispy warm.. or well I will will.. but some people will not.. this is good timeing - especially in light of it being only december and having many months of cold yet to go.
uh oh is this illegal.. probably. I mean I imagine I am already on “lists” - but what will happen now??
matrix is real
hmm - this is obvious..
i am rather happy about current events regarding my life.. the world as we know it is calming.. I am reading the biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein. he is insane. a crazy man. I think he is my most favorite philosopher. I am bad at writing.