Today I didn’t goto work. I was sick and didn’t feel like I could make it through a whole day of work. I haven’t been eating all that well.. and it was reflected by my bodies giving up and telling me to fuck off .. heh .. yea that is pretty much how it went ;) so I slept until 5:30… which was weird - cuzi planned on coming in to work after 1:00 - but whatever.. one of the weirder things in my life is having fun and wanting to goto work. cuz - 1.6 years ago when I started I was not as into work as I am now. I really didn’t like it and it was mostly a pain.. but now I miss a day and am sad.. hehe. whatever. I am a nerd..So.. in other news… I went on a really nice date on monday night.. and hung out with the girl on tuesday as well. it is really nice.. and I like it a lot..