My computer at work is dieing a slow and painful death. The dell bios diagnostic screen pops up on boot and tells me that my hard drive is going to fail very soon. Ugh.. I am sad. I don’t want to lose everything. I mean I have it all backed up.. for the most part ;) - the thing I am most sad about is my music.. I have ripped so many of my cds so I don’t have to keep them here.. and now it appears as I will have to re-rip them :(… so sad..

This weekend was quite nice.. I enjoyed it ;). After stomp.. kinnera got mad cuz I ditched her.. I didn’t really but she thinks I did.. so I hung out by myself.. all saturday.. played with my surround sound system.. pointed the speakers at the right places.. and replaced the little bad speakers with some larger more full range speakers.. it should sound a bit better.. heh.
After playing surround sound and completely disrupting my house.. I hung out a bit and watched some TV.. Miriam came over and we played a bunch of UNO. how I love UNO. Miriam and I then went to go see common at the HOB. whee. common was quite good. he has such nice eyes…. heh..
anyway.. after common we went to a very strange party.. which was also fun. a kid there had a duncan yoyo - I haven’t played with one of those in years and years.. it was fun trying all my yoyo tricks on such a poor yoyo. I was able to pull off quite a few.. surprise..
Then we all went home.. and hung out.. Yesterday - we went to lula and watched crouching tiger hidden dragon.. I haven’t seen it in awhile.. I love the movie.. and the music is soo good.

So.. it was a veyr nice weekend. I have quite enjoyed hanging out with Miriam.. it is refreshing and fun. whee..

Well I think that N. Korea will join Iraq.. heh. whee. is right.. N. Korea == Nuclear Weapons. Iraq == Fun enemy. Both == Violent War. Violent War == Happy Bush. Happy Bush == Happy World. Happy World == Heaven