i find myself in an airport terminal.. using my trusty cell phone as internet access. I was noticing today that I have magically switched my palm pilot for my laptop. weird. I mean the laptop isn’t much bigger.. but still - I can’t fit it in my pocket and I can’t use it to navigate my palm..

I am going to LA in an hour to see my brother graduate from commercial diving school. It will be exciting. I brought my clubs.. so I can’t wait to juggle.. hoepfully the weather is good. I love good weather. however.. I am not really in the mood for good weather (besides juggling :P). it is just that I don’t really have warm weather clothes.. especially in the dead of winter.. stupid heat.

I hope to get a lot of work done.. this break.. I need to plan my newest and greatest project. a little bit of 3gscreensaver for everyone! hehe.

i am going to miss hanging out with miriam.. and such.. but I will see her soon.. heh..

i guess I am famous.. check it