So last night my brother graduated college. It was probably the most entertaining graduation ceremony I have seen in a long long time. One of the speakers kept swearing and cussing.. hehe. and everyone kept gasping at what he was saying. but he kept it up - it was so funny. I laughed a bunch. Only 20 or so people graduated. so it was a very small group. After the ceremony we went to dinner at this nice sea food resturant. My first friend pam came and sat with us.. I say my first friend - cuz she was one of my first friends I met in chicago.. so it was nice to see her. THe funniest thing she told me was that she went on a couple of dates with C.C. deville. haha.. rule.

So then today.. we hung out and played at this weird tourist place. my brother and I played a couple mean games of air hockey and then we went on this boat accross the bay. It was nice. I like the ocean a lot. I would like to eventually live somewhere near the ocean. Oh yea.. last night at dinner I met my brothers friend scott - he is pretty cool ;)

It is interesting cuz I miss chicago a little. I miss work a little and I miss my friends a little. Usually I don’t do these things. but work is going well and right now the who “friend” situation is nice. I really miss them.. heh. check the following links out: here and here