I had a good weekend. I hung out all sorts of good friends and heard the downlow on everyones holiday. What a nice thing holidays are. I need another one so I don’t get so sleepy. ;) On saturday miriam and myself went to a rather humorous play called “cooking with elvis.” It was quite interesting and had some very funny moments - it was also slightly depressing.. about family dysfunction and the like..

last night I went out with some friends for my friend severn’s birthday. It was fun and I met some really great people.. hopefully I will be seeing more of them soon..
I am really tired right now. probably because of staying up far too late last night and not getting enough to eat through out the weekend.. I really need to go to the grocery. ugh. I hate errands.

i am excited for new years however - I really don’t know what I am going to do.. but I imagine it will be fun. it better be. I hope to get a bunch of sleep tonight so that I can really go out on the 31st. it is strange that it is going to be 2003 in 2 days. weird.
x) - sleep now