So I have this car and I hate driving it. I never hated it before I moved to chicago. it is just so annoying.. parking and all that crap along with trying to navigate the crazy system that is chicago traffic… whatever.. and now I have to license, insure and all that crap.. whatever whatever whatever.. heh.

one nice thing about driving that you don’t have as much with the train - is you can stop and get things on the way.. like tonight. I decided that I was going to stay in and try and invite some friends over.. and we could watch some movies or play games.. so I stopped by( on the way) tower records and picked up some dvds.. I got minority report, macross plus, city of lost souls(weird), amadeus(hehe) and three cirque du soliel dvds. I am excited. so.. anyway.. I called some friends.. and hooked up with some kids.. and we all played some games (crononauts and boogle) and generally hung out. it was nice.. I enjoy stuff like that.. hanging out and such..