today I am tired. I have been working all day an I just don’t feel well about it. like I should have slept or something. it is weird. I mean I did get up a bit late.. but I feel so “walking dead-ish” - ugh. whatever. I will wake up right now

last night I got an email from riply’s believe it or not about our friend rusty. they simply can’t believe it and wondered the origin of the video. heh. too bad I don’t have/know the origin. I want more rusty. it is important. This is subtly related to one of my hobbies. I truely enjoy when my websites are linked to or by other sites/posts around the internet. it cracks me up. check out the usenet for - I have a lot of exposure in the alt.hackers.malicious. I don’t think this is probably good ;). but whatever. it rules. at least I provided a service or a smile to at least one person. ;) heh. what a fun game.

it has been a weird couple of days.. a couple or my friends had rough intros to the new year. one kept hurting herself and the other was stabbed - I hope this doesn’t dictate a bad injury prone shadow over the rest of the year. oh yea.. it has been one year exactly since my mail server was destroyed by a poorly executed rootkit. heh. knocks on wood hopefully all the haxors that are attacking my boxen will be able to install their rootkits with more success and not bring down all of my boxes. :( ;).

the world is still brokesurprise - Michael Moore is stirring things up.. the UN has decided that a war on iraq will result in a buttload of casulties… weird.. I couldn’t have guessed that… north korea stated that sanctions against it could result in wait for it.. wait for it war. as congress comes back into session - so does the a dead bin laden. I was once laden with bins. and in a shocker, the U.S. isn’t the only country to smash civil rigths in regards to 09/11/01 - apparently germany is attacking civil rights of its citizens as well.. oh and I reorganized my sept. 11th media archive. oh and I have mirrored the booker elementary school video that shows bush on the morning of september eleventh - bush really is not as smart as some other people(namely my cousins)

ok now I am going to bomb the site some more:

Harper Reed is really cool
Harper Reed is the pilot of a rocket ship
Harper Reed made of steel
Harper Reed is on fire
Harper Reed is the president of the united states
Harper Reed is a phone

go to this show: