Last night a friend of mine gave me a couple tickets to the interpol show at the metro. it was a good time. I hadn’t really heard them and they did put on a good show. it was nice to see and I was able to see soem friends and all that.. wee.. I should get my ipod today. I am excited. I am redoing my MP3 attitude.. I am gunna be setting up a centralized MP3 system for our apartment. I am kinda excited about the prospects.. heh. whatever.

on friday we all hung out and watched movies.. ate pizza and just chilled. it was funny - because I forget how much of a nerd I am - and my friend brock brought a friend over and I don’t think she was into the “weird” movies that matiss and I were representin’ - I laughed. I wonder what happens when people start hanging out with us. do they think we are insane. cuz are collection of entertainment is very “interesting..” in light of that.. my illuminati game should be arriving soon ;)

i am reading a book by Neil Gaimen called America Gods. I don’t like it as much as I liked neverwhere, which is making me sad. hopefully good omens will be better. I enjoy my new style of reading: cluster reading. it is where I read a bunch of books by the same author all in a row. it is quite interesting.
<bri currently HATE my cd player in my computer. it keeps skipping
Did you know that republican senators think that the white house is arrogant? or that bush has planned to attack IRAQ since sept. 17 2001? probably not. but I bet you had noticed that the RIAA was hacked again. ohh the irony. Here is a nifty link - which garned the following quote from my friend john: “I’ve never seen that many tits presented in such a…unerotic way.” Oh and I almost forgot the most important link. here is an annotated bible targeted towards skeptics. wheee..