Man - I have been writing this entry for so long. I keep reading this post on fark about exam/test taking stories. Some of them are very funny. I wish I was in college again. so much fun was had. I found this to be humorous. and this to be really screwed up. insane even.
Apparently I have a fan in taiwan - hi ella. my first fan.. btw
Last night I went to see the assasins. they are great. they got a little harder edged - which is wonderful. they are opening for zwan on wednesday. that rules. it is great when good things happen to cool people.. heh…

In the news today - saddam makes a defiant speech about the “first” gulf war. He is pissed. so are a lot of others… everyone is getting all crazy about this.. preparing for this and that.. but no one is prepared for this - wtf. But no one can deny that saddam is strangely in violation of something… but there is still hope.. but not for this not so intelligent man.

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