i don’t know what that means. does anyone remember the realgerbil page that mocked the realdoll page? remember the picture of the gerbil being violated.. heh. I wish I had saved that. what genius.. anyway.. at the Middle East Web Log there is a nifty article about how saddam is hiding both the smoke and the guns. I thought that bushes statement that “since we didn’t find anything - that means they are hiding the weapons” - ruled. What logic. What if you went to the doctor and they were like.. “i can’t find a disease - so we will put you in the hospital to cure the really nasty hidden ones.. ” whatever. U.S. foriegn policy rules. ANd apparently the domestic policy also rules.. the former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter was charged awhile back with luring a 16yr old girl to a resturant - where this gets interesting is that ritter is charging that this arrest was engineered by bush and bush’s followers as a diversion to ritter’s proposed alternative to a violent altercation in IRAQ. This is very interesting. wtf. BUSH WANTS WAR.

So rolling stone ran this article about how some men are trying to acquire HIV. this acquisition is apparently a sexual fetish. However - rolling stone’s claim that 25% of all “new” HIV victims have sought the virus on purpose is being challenged by quite a few.

A juggler gone bad. Soon this will be matiss.. ;) speaking of matiss.. be sure and check out all the links on the left - especially my friends section. a lot of good weblogs… also if anyone wants to have a link up - email me..

here is an incredible article about women’s sports and how the only way to get noticed in our society as a women athlete is to “Strip down to your panties and bra and wrestle over beer.” sports rule.