I am mad at boston. mostly cuz it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. the roads all go this way and that. I was not aware of how drasticly logic chicago’s roadway system was until about 45 minutes ago. also wtf is with the trains that make NO sense. serious. No sense at all. and they are really buses.. acting like trains. not trains at all. slackers…bush is kinda dumbi have no doubt that this “state of the union” nonesense will only get us into trouble. I mean. what if I were to say. hey john - I am going to hit you in the face. and then hit john. and then a year later said. hey john, I am going to hit you in the face. would john just sit there. of course not. and then would I get mad when john grabbed a baseball bat and wielded it. wtf. yep. I would. I would get really pissed and I would point my gun at him and say. drop your bat. rather than say. hey. I won’t hit you. this is a dumb analogy. it is going no where fast. whoops there it wentkinnera is mad cuz I don’t mention her as much as I used to. well punk.. move to chicago. that is what I say.. sucka.. Miriam leaves in a couple days. it is sad. I need to go visit. and I just found out that my friend sebastion may live in cologne which is where miriam lives. I have got to get me a vacation to germany. yea.. and one to paris. and one to hong kong. and especially one to that condo I am gunna buy. oh and one to the get your loans paid off office. yea that one.i love h&m. chicago will soon get one. and everyone will start to dress the same. I like how it is like the target of cool clothes. it is like diesel target. hehe. wierd. that could kill the elitism of a lot of kids.. whoops.. soon mondo will be here. I really like juggling festivals. they are fun and exciting. I am going to use a multiple hundred thousand dollar search engine to catalog and search my MP3s later tonight. it should be VERY interesting. I want to do it as a demo. I am excited. wheee. I do have a lot of death metal too.. I love my IPOD. it is my friend. and yours too.. my phone is broked. wtf.