I need to fix my car. when I say fix - I really mean register and insure it in chicago. I also need to get a chicago license. I have been skirting the law for awhile now and I can no longer do it(btw I am insured.. just not registered.. ugh). heh. last night matiss and I invited some cats to come over and watch the spooky michael jackson interview. boy that d00d is a weirdo. jesus. it is all very strange especially when you put his actions into perspective of a normal person. what if your neighbor was regularly sleeping and hanging out with a 44 year old man.. wtf. but overall I think the interview did a lot of good portraying jackson as a misunderstood ecentric. I ended up likeing him a lot more - as a person.. . he is just crazy. and apparently pissed.. hehe.

So our country rules.. and the dumbasses over in the UK rule a bit more. they allegedly plagerized their “blistering” report on the state of IRAQ. what a set of tools. and bush in his infinite intelligence is continuing to be a wonderful president and is raising the risk color to orange.
orange == high.