So washington is prepared. I would be so surprised if we were to receive a air strike. could you imagine what would happen. beside the fear and trauma that would occur. I mean every aspect of our life would be affected. It would be insane. I am not ready fo that. I am ready for this however. wow. that could really change the dynamics of our foreign policy. maybe bush’s missile shield should be a priority. hah. umm. that is a joke.. yea.. a joke… speaking of jokes.. here is a little piece about my life. I hate student loans. they are one of my only burdens. my life would RULE if it wasn’t for these bain. the author of that piece makes a good point about the IRAQ war. If we targeted educatoin rather than monopolizing the WORLD with our drivel - we may be able to save future generations from the same fate that has befallin myself. It is very interesting to how different organizations leech off of certain events in our strange world. In that case - clearchannel is preparing for war. but not in ways a normal person would expect. they are planning to engage the public to gain ratings. heh. I love capitalism. I mean seriously. I love it.There is an imminent terror threat. Maybe if we didn’t react like such “woosies” when we are attacked - terrorism wouldn’t work against us. but certain people are “cowboys” and react in a very very stupid way. check out how reilly reacts. These are the people who are running our country. completely unable to learn and listen from others. unable to communicate. only able to strike. only able to kill. and only if there is a buck to be made in the end. i think my favorite part about bush is how his economic plan and how he is alienating all of the people in the US except his rich friends. I read a figure where 97% of the american people will not save more than $1000 from his tax cuts per year. $1000/year is not much for a family with children. a family who is not very wealthy. Check out the back page of the most recent new yorker. it explains it.oh.. for those of you who watched the jacko special. check this out. last night I stayed out way to long. I did the same on monday night. hopefully tonight I will stay out not so late. or maybe just relax. jesus I am tired. I also recently discoverd the magic of the div tag. wtf. why didn’t I know of this before. always playing with tables and all that. I am dumb.