Happy Valentines day
Today is my brothers birthday. Happy birthday dylan. for your birthday I got you a nuclear war threat. sweet huh

I love the our leaders ability to really fudge certain things.. like the propaganda that they are spewing. it would be better if the propaganda didn’t fall apart within fifteen minutes of them presenting it. good propaganda and spin needs to last for the duration of the conflict. how are the america people let alone the U.N. and NATO going to believe all this BS about Iraq and terrorism if the stories don’t break down into not so complex lies. This is humorous. The british are a funny peoples. hopefully they will represent like the pope did.

this is important. the chicago protest is at Devon & Leavitt, 2200 W. Devon Avenue Chicago Illinois. GO.
Last night I saw the dead prez. they were great. I shall go and get their new album soon. I am tired. I am bored. I need to do work.