so a club broke and many people died last night. My parents called at 7:30 to make sure I was alive. 7:30. that is so early. anyway.. I can totally imagine that happening in many of the clubs I have been in. they all have ONE entrance or exit and it is usually very small and around a lot of stairs. Friday I went to REDNO5 and their was a slight scuffle on the landing of one of the staircases and some people fell… I couldn’t imagine what would happen if everyone wanted to leave. I think the most screwed up part is that the cops react so violently - thinking that the people are ALWAYS wrong. I can imagine it easily - two cops arrive and see people streaming out - so to contain the situation they order everyone inside. wtf. why didn’t they listen to the people.. well I guess they need to make sure they have a closed quarters for the “crime.” but wasn’t the crime having the rest of the doors locker? whatever. I wonder what the repercussions of this will be… Sometimes really crazy things happen

i wonder how the protest went this weekend. I hope well. I really wanted people to take notice. I should have been their but I was sleeping.. hah… whoops.. I am totally against the war though.. I mean unless it gets in the way of my beauty sleep. which I need so badly - especially since I have replaced food and normal sleep with GTA vice city. ;)