with the US targeting a bit of aggression towards france.. I am reminded of my dream of nuclear war. Ever since I saw red dawn when I was little - I have been scared of world war. and now we get our chance. I hope we don’t screw this up.

I am not really crazy. I just think that our world is inane rigth now and needs some humor in it. like wtf is bush’s deal. is it cuz his dad was picked on by saddam. is it because bush is a pseudo cowboy and feels the need to be a bully. is it cuz he was coked out of his mind during all his foreign policy lectures at college. I mean seriously. I don’t think a high school kid that just finished senior world coloring could be making such silly moves as him. Now I don’t think that bush is necessarily stupid - I am just amazed at what he says and does. How did he get elected. How did I get elected.

i really shouldn’t be allowed to sleep ritgh after work. I get a little “ranty” later at night ;)