i really need to upgrade servers. I need like 3 more. One for a firewall, one for web hosting and one for backups. That would rule.
i price them at around 4k. So if anyone wants to give me 4k. I would be happy ;)

So apparently audreyhacking.com is in wired this month. Somewhere around page 75. I really need to go and buy a copy. I will put some scans up. Some people are moving in or something downstairs and it is driving me up the wall. they are bummping around and thumping a lot. it is worse than music. it is so sporadic.

omfg. hahah.. stupid great white. it is apparently not a good week to go to night clubs.
stupid war. man the government is dumb - after popular culture has made fun of the pathetic movies made in the 40s and 50s about nuclear war - the government went ahead and did it again. this time it includes chemical warfare as well. I mean how stupid do they think we are. obviously rather stupid. wtf. Well not as stupid as the U.N. think the U.S. is. I think it is interested to hear EVERYONE talk about how stupid the french are for trying to speak out against the U.S. and our plans for war. Why don’t we listen rather than say they are dumb. I mean really do we want all the countries of the world to act like the british and become puppets of bush. Cuz obvously bush knows what he is doing. I mean.. I am totally excited for world war

I have been listening to isis a bunch lately. It is very good. I want to start a music review site. I think I coudl do a good job. it would be music and shows I think. maybe like riottech but with a LOT more community. I have taken to capitalizing words that I want to emphasize. but I my typing looks like this:
Hey WHAT is up. I am REALLY bored.
and then I feel like such a dork.
If you haven’t watched this, do so now. Please.