I for some reason had an aversion to updating my website this week. I think it was cuz I was so busy at work. serious. I was crazy busy. and it was frustrating things I was doing. for some reason - everything I tried to do didn’t work. I was annoyed. and most of the stuff was just stupid. heh. like I had done it one hundred times before and none of it worked this time. dumbass things. hehe. but it kept me real busy for the whole week.Looks like britney is going down.. eek.. I mean.. uhh.. yea.. So the war on terrorism drags on. jesus this is an annoying war. all it does is destroy the america that everyone spent so much time building. The world is speaking and we are not listening. and now people are starting to realize that this is not a good plan. But - what is a good plan. I really don’t know. I mean.. saddam is a bad man. but is he hitler bad. is he bad enough to cause a world war? is he actually as bad as bush wants us to think. or is he just a bully that beat up bushes father? This is a rather expensive war for pride… I think what I am worried about is that the US will have a hell of a time recovering from this incident. It is not dissimilar to the schoolyard bully getting beat up by another bully who happens to be in a grade or two lower. The older bully will never be looked at the same.. I am afraid that we will all be dealing with the repercussions of this for a long long time. I just hope it isn’t nuclear winter style. that would be sad. but luckily nobody believes the truth. But sometimes the truth is very strange.

but I have a new hobby.. check it out