So this weekend was incredible. It was also INSANE. seriously. on friday I hung out with a bunch of friends at the ladytron show. Which btw, was really great. ladytron did a remarkable job of representing their sound exactly how it is on the record. Dayum.. that concert was such a fashion show.. heh. so fun. my friend rachel came with.. which was cool.. I haven’t seen her in such a long time. so that ruled.
then came saturday and the absolute insanity that is the super stars of love and laptronica. it was so nuts. check out pictures here or here (basically both have the same content).. but yea. it was insane.

so apparently north korea is attempting to start a thermal nuclear war. I don’t quote understand Kim Jong Il’s logic within his rhetoric. wtf. “he saddam, I will be your human shield.” insanity. so apparently the war will start as soon as next thursday. oh.. and surprise surprise.. saddam is now within range of US troops. is that because we are planning on invading so we have moved within range.. rather than saddam beefing up his forces? nobody knows.. heh. I know.