So for the past week or so I kept seeing this guy in newspapers, on websites and on tv and I thought ron jeremy had gotten arrested. I guess I never actually paid attention.. when I finally did.. boy was I disappointed.

I recently got the new cursive album. It has a couple allusions to pinocchio. weird. eh. that flash thing is cool though. Anyway.. the new cursive album is quite good. I enjoy it. I think it is weird that I buy a lot of cds. I mean I should/could jsut download everything from the intraweb or whatever. I guess I just feel better owning the actually cd. oh.. I relaly like the song “the gentleman caller.” Have I mentioned that saddle creek rules. I also picked up a bright eyes disc. I don’t know what I think - however it is certainly growing on me. oh. the ipod is still one of the coolest things in the world. I don’t understand how someone could not have one. especially if they like music. the fact that I have 400 or so cds with me most of the time rules. I have been listening to so much music now. it is quite something… so nice.

whoa. this weekend is a big juggling festival. I am excited.