I have needed to update this site for so long. I guess really since last thursday. So last thursday I went out with some friends.. maybe a little too late.. it was all my poor little body could handle. I was horribly sick the next day and had to stay home from work.. which sucks.. cuz work is cool right now.. but whatever. so I slept most of the day - but was supposed to drive to Champaign/urbana for a juggling fest around 11 at night. I ended up doing that.. however I lost ALL of my mp3s off my ipod right before I left. I was able to get msot of it back .. but the cds I wanted to listen to I had left at work. so I was really pissed. HOW annoying. so we left for champaign adn arrived and slept at our friends house. we went to juggling the next day. it was fun. I hung out with some really cool cats and learned how to do a top. that night we all went to a nice mexican resturant and one of the cool jugglers paid for our dinner. he is great. it was like 13 people or something insane. Then we went to a juggler party in an insane house with thousands(well 10 or so) arcade games. it was like having a party at an arcade. it was quite funny. matiss and I hung out with mark and jsut bullshitted.. hah. so fun.. then back to juggling.. adn then to chicago.. and then to the computer where I made a new site..
This site is a link log of all the crazy news articles I read about the war. I also made a bunch of ads as well. I don’t know about them. they are supposed to be in a magazine.. wheee

i am tired now. I need to go home and sleep.. actually clean.. my apartment is so messy and gross right now