The situation with that girl that was abducted in salt lake city is poised to become very very strange. I mean she was gone for quite a long time. anything can happen in that ime - including befriending ones abductors.. thus patty hearst.. I guess it is probably psychological. but it still makes for a insane story. I think that the US should look at mormans as insane after this. The young girl was married to her abductor in a crazy billigimist marriage. She is 15. wtf. But the weird thing is - she was able to leave numerous times and didn’t. i really want to travel. I wish that companies in the US were more into travel and vacation - I would love to take a month or two off and goto asia before it is nuked – but I don’t want to quit my job. so what are my choices. quit. see it is dumb. I mean I haven’t really mentioned anything to anyone.. so they may be into it. but I just thought of this tonight.. so it really isn’t a plan or whatever. yall should check out friendster. it is pretty cool. slow as the dickens.. but a neat idea. kind of a sophisticated makeoutclub. and hopefully not run by skins ;)