Today is my 25th birthday. I am happy. Last night I hung out with a bunch of cool cats and we went to iggy’s and ate dinner. we got there about 11:50 so it was a good time. I drank beer and coke - not together.. mind you.. I am not like some of my friends.. hehe.. ;). it was fun. they sang happy birthday to me.. and succeeded in embarrasing me slightly. I like that.

WW3 seems like it will get the kick it needs.. North Korea is pissed nuclear style.. and best of all - in the land mass catagory: China is mad, russia is mad and india is mad. and those are just the countries that are speaking out. RULE

Tonight I think I am going to go out with some friends. I really need a nap. I was up really late last night working hard on some website stuff. it suxored cuz it was hard. but in the end - it turned out fine. well sorta fine. there is still a lot of work.
but like all work.. it will figure itself out..