so this weekend was nice. Friday we went to redno and just hung out. the music wasn’t thrilling.. but it was entertaining. a bunch of old house and club music.. always entertaining. I think I even heard nelly.. which is funny. I ended up getting a bit drunk do to the long island ice tea that was purchased for me. The best part about the night was the company.. some of my good new friends and some good old friends were all there. it ruled. so fun.

then on saturday I went to a party and hung out with my rooamtes and then met a really cool kid who is a dj and knows a bunch of the same people as me. that was nice. it is always nice to meet people who are dope. and who are already involved in the scene but are into different things.

tonight I went to some friends house(new friends.. but still friends) and ate dinner. it was a great time.. good food. fun conversation.. you know the drill. a lot of nice people. heh. I like chicago. I am a dork. both echoed in the same breath eh..
i need sleep.. and I need to turn off the four computers I have in my room.. I doubt the radiation is doing anything good for me. I guess in the best circumstance I will be able to survive the upcoming nuclear war ;)