last night I had another apocalyptic dream.. I really shouldn’t say another.. it isn’t like they are repeating.. the last one was two years ago or so. but they are insane and kinda fun. this one started out with me being in a symphonic band practice. I was playing bari-sax.. I was not good - so the band director yelled at me. I was sad. but for some reason I didn’t have the music we were attempting to sight-read. but whatever… stupid band.. so then he kicked me out of band and made me drive back home accompanied by the best saxaphone player(who is annoying). so all the way home we are talking and he is berating me about not practicing and I am telling him that I have other priorities.. so then we approach an small agricultural center in the middle of the road. and we see these huge smoke plums flying on either side of the grain elevators.. it was very strange.. so we took caution. we drove into the center and saw a bunch of bulls running around(at this time the road has basically turned into a rodeo stadium). The sky was very dark and the bulls and cattle were running all about and breaking stuff. we may have hit one with our car.. which was a bad plan.. cuz then we had to run to the end of the stadium and try and escape. we escaped but when we exited the stadium we noticed the baren landscape the followed. as we made our way down the broken road two half dead men jumped out and blocked the way with home made crosses. on each cross was a gas mask. gas masks were also worn by each of the men who jumped out. They didn’t put up ANY resistence and we pushed them out of our way. we walked down a path and noticed the mood of a lot of death. somehow we got into a car.. and then it ended. i woke up.