This weekend was fun. it also passed in a blur. on friday night I went to the silliest party I have been to in a long time. It was for a movie casting - however none of my friends or myself new that it was a movie casting - so we just hung out and got free drinks.. such a silly thing.. so dumb. everyone with their head shots.. trying to impress no one in particular.. hopeing they would be seen.. it was funny.. then we went to big wig to see my friend mark spin.. I like his music.. it was nice as well.. then I slept. I like sleeping. it is often the best part of going out..
then today, or yesterday, we went to Sonotheque and chilled for a bit and then we made our way to transit.. transit was insane. all velvet ropes and such.. so funny. then we went to my house and chilled and everyone just left.. and it is six thirty.. and I have to sleep. so hoepfully I get up at a reasonable time and am able to do my servers.. ;) so I will see yall around 4 ;)

i often find the need to sign my entries.