So today I went to a building that was a little over two blocks away to pick up a dell server(~$alot of money) that was mis-delievered to another company. heh. Like fed-ex “accidently” dropped it off at a completly unrelated place. wtf. and the best part is that the other company totally signed for it ;)
hehehe.. I giggled the whole way. the best part was that we were totally incompentent at navigating the building. couldn’t find elevators.. got stuck in doors.. etc etc

i got a new haircut. I rule..

speaking of dell.. maybe I will fix up my new servers.. I don’t really know what to do about the firewall one though.. I mean.. I thought about using the mandrake firewall.. but I am kinda sketched out about whether it will work well.. versus building one from scratch. I am jsut afraid that a box like the mandrake one will have all sorts of functionality that I won’t need..
stupid distributions

Sign up for friendster.. find me and message me.. I will add you to my friend list.. it will be fun. I promise.