So I sit her at almost three in the morning with one show off and one shoe on. I have not been home since eight this morning and I have just arrived. I realize that doesn’t really make sense.. but whatever. Anyway.. today was weird - I had two rather pivotal meeting at work and about other work.. as well as really got some good stuff done at work.. I then left work to go to the ministry show which started at an ungodly six o clock and on the way I saw the aftermath of some horrible wreck or engagment. Basically on the floor of the street were two horribly mutalated people and a bunch of blood. now the internet has shown me some horrible horrible things.. but I have never seen this much blood in real life. it stained the street for about a 2 foot radius. it was spooky. both patrons of the injuries were not moving whatsoever and a crowd had gathered. it was so weird, both the fact that their was actual dieing injured people and the fact that their was a crowd gathered. The city is sometimes scary. I wonder if they got hit by a car or something. nobody knows. I forget how fragile our bodies really our. I AM INVINCIABLE(spelled correctly). Then I went to the ministry show.. which honestly could have been a lot better. the songs that mattered were OK but I think Al is getting quite to old for this nonsense. He seemed to forget the words to songs.. and worse.. I felt embarrased for him. After the ministry show.. I went with matiss and beck to get food and then to spy bar.. where I talked to some friends and met and talked to this really cool girl.. well I am sleepy.