So dyaln flew into town on friday morning. We hung out at my work for a bit and then we went to lunch. Dylan then went to my apartment and hung out with matiss and took a nap. I cam e home and it was off to the juggling fest. Whee. as you might or might not know, stevenson juggling festival was this weekend. It is a juggle fest at a northern suburban high school it is a huge highschool.. veyr large.. so anyway.. we went to the juggling fest and juggled a bunch it ruled quite a bit. We met up with my friend mark and hung out.. dylan learned a bunch of new unicycle stuff and generally was a cool brother.. while matiss was a bad bad bad brother.. like always… so anyway..
Saturday we went back to the fest and juggled all day. dylan hung out with our friend mark and brian while matiss and myself went to beck’s birthday party(fun fun) and then we came back just in time to watch the Toss Up show(it was ok). Some of the guys were insane. Seriously insane. So we went to a really poor putt putt golf place and played a very quick game of putt putt and then went home and slept.
Today.. we went to the fest and dylan ruled the unicycle mounts.. I should really learn that stuff.. I have this dream of going to work on a unicycle. it might rule. I don’t know yet ;)

so pictures and movies will come soon. I gotta put the videos together.. ;) hehe.

well I am damned tired. so sleepy.. juggling so much will make you very very tired.. ;)