I made this cuz I was bored. It takes all my friends blogs(if you want to be included - all you have to do is make an RSS feed of your blog) and makes it pretty. Recently I have had a bunch of friends break up/have trauma within their relationsihps. it is screwed up. I don’t understand it. spring is here. well sorta. it isn’t really in chicago. but it is “here.“

so this weekend holds a couple of really great events. first off their is the metal mayham/movie fest thing at fireside. then after that their is the civilized age(like right after) and then after that their is lathom and nat’s bday party and then justines house warming party and then and then and then and then. on sunday the assassins and kill hannah will be playing at the metro - w00t. but before that we are apparently juggling with the superstars of love for a kids TV show. weird. eh. so yea. it should be entertaining. and fun. and metal. yea METAL. METAL.