so it rained really hard for a long tie tonight. well not too long but like 30 minutes. the hippie guy that lives next door told me that a tornado was spotted 30 miles away. whoa. that would be crazy. in the country tornados touch down and nothing happens. but here havoc wuold insue. whoa. so after he said this - I immediately took off all my clothes and put on my nike basketball shorts and went outside and laid on my lawn chair. I had my ipod and cell phone in plastic bags. I listened to classic rock. it was great. then the wind shifted and it got really cold. so I came in.

Today hiromi, matiss and myself all went to meet our friend mark, lenore and some friends of theirs at art chicago. We then traveled to get some indian food, and then went to the prodigal son bar and played darts. Mark taught me some really kick ass yoyo tricks. It was nice. Right now I am not sure I am going to go back out. even though the night is still young. hmm..