hehe. Yesterday ruled. I got up at around 1:30 or so and called my mom. w00t. then I went to lula with matiss, beck, eleni and silvia. We hung out until around 3:30 and had an incredible meal. I think I had catfish and eggs and then shared a bunch of desert with my friends. so so good. we then went back to my apartment and watched a studio ghibli movie called Nausica? of the Valley of Wind. I think it is the first movie from Hayao Miyazaki(who is by far my favorite animator). It was so so good. I really like his story lines and such. I actually got spirited away for my mom for mothers day. I hope she likes it. Then after the movie. we laid around for awhile and evetually made it to pacific cafe. where we had another really great meal. I had spicy tuna maki, a tom kha kai soup and a super spicy lemongrass mix. So nice. at the end of the meal we decided to goto the new Xmen movie. it was quite fun. I really enjoyed it. I want to be an xman. I would totally be night crawler if you would let me. ??! anyway.. I am excited for this week. we shall see what comes of everything..