So the weekend is over.. well almost. tonight I think we are going to see the matrix. I am rather excited. whee. matrix. On friday I went out with my friend katie to see the faint. We left rather quickly.. the faint sucked it up.. haha. not really.. but I didn’t really enjoy them as much as I had in the past.. so I was done with it rather quickly.. heh. Then last night we went to an underwear party. It was so funny. We arriveed with a couple bottles of Veuve.. heh. It is fun to roll hard.. haha. so ridiculous. anyway. the underwear party was a success - it seemed that maybe 100 people were in their underwear hanging out and what not. It was so funny. I have never really hun out in my underwear with more than 1 person.. let alone 100. ;) however.. my phone got stolen.. which totally put a bummer on the weekend. But I was able to hook up my old ghetto phone.. and I ordered a new phone.. however.. it was not insured. stupid loosing.

anyway.. now I am trying to decide whether I should get the picture phone ;) hehe.

If anyone wants to buy a new but slightly used 20g Ipod.. let me know