after my brief bout with insanity due to over the counter drug use.. I decided to grow up. I know have a lawyer and I am reading information about purchasing a place to live. woah. that is insane. all of my coworkers are doing this too. I think it is madness. I mean. I recently bulked at the paltry sum of $4500 for some servers.. let alone $200K for a condo in chitown. wtf. who invented this crazy game.

well maybe the drugs didn’t wear off.. stupid drugs.. stupid colds which lead to drugs. did anyone see that scary antidrug commercial about changing legislation to allow more drugs.. it was insane.. so scare tactic. dumb dumb conservatives. heh. umm yea.

so the ipod is causing quite the stir.. I think I will be selling it for like $250-275 I have a couple who are interested. if you are interested let me know. I will be selling it in the beginning of june.

i think I need to make an automatic link system that seeds links in my entries automagically. whatever.

money is stupid. give me some.