So I was rather sick yesterday.. I felt like hell. so I slept from 6-10 and then hung out from 10-11 and then went back to bed. but I couldn’t sleep. all I could do was become delerious. so after imagining ghosts and thinking of horror movie plots I finally managed to goto bed around 2am. suxor. I had crazy dreams. sometimes being sick is fun. I lov ethe side effects. the crazy dreams, the irrationality.. all the nonesense.. etc.. so I woke up this morning for an early meeting and was totally insane. I had to put on music and I took a long shower and got dressed.. all while thinking of crazy things.. and still dreaming about horror movie plots… so I finally made it to work at 8:30 and I felt better.. but I decided to take soem sudafed. but I think I took too much. maybe you can tell from this post.. I am a little bit on the rambling/ranting side of things today… anyway..

i go to the indy 500 on friday. I am excited. but I am also bummed cuz I lost my phone and I needed it to gain internet access from the indy. doh. sad.
I am giving a shout out to my friend ella in taiwan. She is gunna be graduating soon. Congratulations..