The indy 500 rules. it is so totally insane. Last night we rolled in about 10 oclock and arrived amidst a bout of drunken insanity. This man called lurch was doing insane things. not normal things. it was crazy. so we drank a bunch and eventually made it to bed. My brother has a dv cam so we just filled a bunch of crazy stuff. They brought two scooters, and a golf cart. It is very fun. So today I woke up and started playing this crazy game on the golf cart.. I was wearing a leather coat and a helmet and we would go as fast as we could and attack our other campers while they threw anything they could find at us. then I would jump off and let the momentum carry me to attack. it ruled.

then we went and drove around the scooters. heh. It was all fun and games until I fell over and hit my face on the ground. heh. I now have a cut up lip, a black eye and a bruised nose. I look like I got in a bad ass fight. check out the pictures. manny more to come. ;)