Last night I was possibly supposed to hang out with this friend/aquaintence. it didn’t happen so I went to lula and ate dinner with my laptop. I was able to get a bunch of work done, eat a really incredible meal(salmon with rubarb and parschnips.. heh.) and get desert and all that. Since I was all by myself at the resturant I was sitting up at the front bar area, so when another person came by themselves they sat with me. it was fun. I met a nice young women. we hung out and talked and discussed how the US is insane.. and how buch is a monster. It was nice. I then went home and got ready to go ut.. and then didn’t. I instead watched the movie 25th hour. It is a bit sad and depressing but, good. I enjoyed it. I really like edward norton. he seems to be a good actor. it was a weird movie to see him in but yea.

the other day I spelled grind like dring.