so this weekend ruled. my friend marica took me to tango heh. yep. that is correct. I had forgotten how much I enjoy to dance ballroom style. it is a lot of fun. so on saturday I slept a bit, did laundry and watched a movie called gia. It was quite sad. We watched it mid day.. so then going out and hanging with a bunch of rocker kids was quite weird - it seems that often their goal is to have the life that gia led.. which inevitably leads to something fucked up.. stupid drugs.. but anyway.. after the movie hiromi, dave and myself went to get ethopian food with some friends of daves. I love ethopian food. the bread is so nice. I had chicken. heh. I love eating. after the food time - I went to a circus themed fashion show. matiss and I were supposed to juggle for it.. but we screwed that up. silly us. anyway.. I hung out with marcia and some of her friends and we ended up going to exit. Exit is such a strange club. I then went home and crashed on my couch.. since I had friends who were sleeping in my bed. doh. heh.
on sunday I hung out with my roomies a bit and then went to another bbq. bbqs are so much fun. this one was outside and it was finally warm (wtf - seriously it is june) so I was abel to really get some good yoyo tricks down.. heh. I love to yoyo. so much fun. after the bbq I went with marcia and some friends to go tango.. which I mentioned above ;)

one of the weirdest thing about yoyoing is that the accolades you get are so varied. for instance - I have very rarely found that women react positively to the yoyo - I mean they don’t hate it.. and often they like to watch, but compared to the reaction I get from men, women have a generally mild reaction. for instance, at the party I went to on friday their was a small talent show.. so I yoyoed and afterwards - I was offered drugs, drinks and generally found to be a good person by many men at the party.. all because of my yoyo skillz. it is so weird. not very many women actually made a big deal about it.. I mean everyone said good job and all that - but the men seemed to feel the need to identify and relate to me and my yoyo..
which brings me to anotehr question: why don’t they offer me money when they are attempting to relate. drugs and drinks are a nice gesture.. but I don’t use drugs and I can only drink so much.. ;) but anyway..
so in all it is interesting to see the dynamics of the yoyo reaction. I wonder if it is purely based on the socialization of the yoyo scene.. how when boys are little they may have more of a chance to get a yoyo than a girl.. whatever.. it is strange..

i have soo much work to do today, tomarrow and the next. that is a wash, rinse, repeat type of phrase.

btw, I am not a playa I just crush a lot.