so often on the internet you can suddenly run across some picture or whatever that is very nasty. so sometimes geeks obsess with these pictures.. heh. so I sent a link to a picture of this sort to a friend and he responded:

ashtar1999 (2:42:37 PM): that was the nastiest thing I have ever seen. Please don’t send me links like that, those kind of images flash through my head when I fucking people and it makes me want to die. It’s way too clockwork orange for me. I like my sexy to be you know sexy
hehe. rule. I am laughing so hard right now. the war is on. In other news. I got 10 new hardcore/metal cds. so fun. they packed the box with some “positive-youth-ish” t-shirt. heh. rule. now I can ex it up.
i also got my new ipod today. they are so dope. it is out of control. I really like it. 30g is soo much. ;)

hopefully all will work out today.. whilst I listen to my slayer cover album.